A Guide To Casting Phantoms In The Revolution

August 26, 2019
Pen & Paper

It’s been a while since I wrote about a Kickstarter project, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually written about a Tabletop Game on here before, so I’m pretty excited to just ramble on a bit about this truly phantom-tastic piece of the Break Kickstarter adventure.

when our game has a cover, it could be here!
Pictures from the Brain Trust Kickstarter

The Brain Trust, helmed by Adam Vass of World Champ Game Co and Will Jobst, creator of Black Mass, is all about “breaking” Kickstarter by not only developing their game during their kickstarter’s run-time, but by letting the public in on the progress of development. That includes recording development project podcasts and allowing their backers and members of their discord to vote on key game decisions, starting with a vote on which game pitch they’ll actually stick to and develop, then expanding into decisions around that game- if it’s run with a Game Master or not, what sort of physical thing players will create during play, the tone of the game, and most-recently what the game’s name will be.

Listen to the Brain Trust podcast on apple podcasts now! tinyurl.com/braintrustcast

The game they’re making right now is an Eerie/Punk one-shot-focused system set during the French revolution where players take on the role of revolutionaries that use phantasmagoria lanterns (traditionally used in “magic lantern/phantasmagoria” shows during the 18th century) to summon demons and assassinate the rich assholes causing all the damn problems. During play you construct a paper lantern and use a system the team is calling “The Pentacrawl” that has you and your party work through a single hunt from start to hopefully-victorious finish.

Yeah. That’s way up my alley, and everyone who knows me is entirely unsurprised by that.

Adam and Will have said that regardless of whether or not the Kickstarter reaches its funding goal, they’ll be making this game, which is incredibly exciting. The passion that these two have for their project is palpable in everything they do around it, and the fact that they’ve opened up their discord to serve as a co-op for those interested in The Brain Trust, this Kickstarter-breaking game, and experimental tabletop game development shows even further how invested and well-meaning these two are.

Do yourself and everyone a favor: Go check out A Guide To Casting Phantoms In The Revolution (that’s this game!) on Kickstarter. If you can back, do! If you can’t, help spread the word!

Really, just do it for me, ‘cause I really want this game to be the best thing it can possibly be.

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