December 29, 2017

The internet’s an impossibly massive place, overflowing with communities each made up of their own cultures and subcultures. Some of them are known on a wider scale, like Reddit or 4chan, while others are almost invisible and left to their own devices to grow and twist into whatever they will. Because of how many of these cultures there are, and how huge some of them get, it just kinda makes sense that there would be games made for them. Games that toss around in-jokes and memes like they’re hot potatoes.

The digital world of Bitardia is as strange as it is Russian (meaning very). It’s this self-aware game that puts on a front of being a meme-filled shitshow, but in actuality it’s far more than that. I mean, it’s definitely a meme-filled shitshow, there’s just, you know, a bit more to it.

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