January 20, 2018

Fighting games are, for the most part, pretty hit-and-miss amongst gamers. You either like them or you don’t, and there isn’t a lot that can change that. Those that enjoy the genre typically align themselves with one, maybe two specific games and don’t often venture beyond that. This is because each game is different, and it’s on a kind of sliding scale. Your game is either super similar to another, with only minor differences, or way fuck-off different, with almost nothing in common.

The one thing that traditional fighters have in common is a very deep, mental kind of gameplay that often involves getting inside your opponent’s headspace to trip them up and force them into misplays. You use what boils down to a “rock-paper-scissors” game of blocks, grabs, and attacks to whittle down the other player’s HP and score yourself a victory.

When you look at Ian Snyder’s Botolo, you probably won’t see it as a fighting game. And, that’s honestly fair- it doesn’t have any of the traditional marks of a fighter. No healthbars, no combos, and it’s not even best 2-out-of-three. But at its core, it follows the same “rock-paper-scissors” trip-your-opponent-up gameplay.

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