CROSSNIQ+, an arcade puzzler on kickstarter

February 16, 2018

Out of every game genre, puzzle games are always the ones I find myself surprised by. You’d think that after the, what, million years or so that games have existed we would’ve run out of new kinds of puzzle systems to throw at people, but nope, not the case!

The latest in a long line of games that have totally blown my mind and caused me to waste multiple hours being absolutely awful is a delightful project from Max Krieger called CROSSNIQ. The idea’s simple enough (like all good arcade puzzlers) - you’ve got a grid of tiles and each tile is one of three colors. The goal is to slide them around the playspace to create crosses, like this:

How crosses work

There’s a bit more to it than that, with a couple “obstacle” varieties of tile scattered around as you play to mix things up. They do a pretty good job of keeping things fresh and more interesting than just sliding boxes around mindlessly:


CROSSNIQ itself is a pretty small project that you can go and play on Max’s ItchIO page. It has basic and advanced tutorials, a decent selection of stages to play through for a free title, and some music that I’d definitely let play in the background of my entire life.

Now, this is a dang post about a dang Kickstarter project, so why am I talking about something that’s already out and available for you to get your happy little hands on? Well, that’s easy! It’s because Max has recently launched a Kickstarter page for CROSSNIQ+, an aptly-named game that aims to add more to CROSSNIQ.

And when I say “add more”, I really mean it. Max’s goals for CROSSNIQ+ are to add a number of features that build on the foundation laid out by CROSSNIQ. This’ll mainly be done by adding new modes, but general improvements and polish to presentation and gameplay are also planned.

The juicy part of that, in my opinion, is the selection of new gamemodes Max mentions on the Kickstarter page-

  • Versus
  • Endless
  • Time Attack
  • Chill Out

And a few others mentioned as stretch goals.

After talking to Max and checking out the Kickstarter, it’s clear that he’s a developer with loads of passion for this project. The goals seem pretty reasonable, and at the time of writing CROSSNIQ+ is a little over halfway to its goal of $10,000 USD with roughly 20 days left in the campaign which ends on March 7th.

Due to the nature of Kickstarter, I’m not going to tell you to go pledge your cash to this project. What I will say, however, is that you should head on over to the page, give it a look for yourself, and maybe even play the already-existing-and-totally-free CROSSNIQ, then make the decision on your own time.

CROSSNIQ+ Kickstarter



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