Death Squared

December 30, 2017

Sitting to the side while you watch a friend try to solve a puzzle that you’ve already solved yourself can be a hair-pullingly frustrating experience. As much as you want to yell the solution or correct the dumb thing they’re trying, you can’t because that’d ruin the fun of it for them, and you’re not an asshole! I mean, I assume.

Anyways, the idea of cooperative puzzle-solving isn’t one that’s been toyed with too much in games, and that’s a shame. We saw with Portal 2 that it can work wonders if you have the right elements, and now we have SMG Studios’ Death Squared to point that fact out to us again.

You can play through Death Squared’s story mode on your own, but I highly recommend you play it with a friend. Then, off to the side, there’s an entire group of levels build for four players. If you think that four players working together to solve a puzzle sounds like a bunch of chaos, well, you’re right. It’s insane, and when we were sitting on the couch playing the game together there was a lot of yelling and a lot of betrayal. It’s awesome.

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