Distance - The Strength Of Community

September 21, 2018

Everyone has that one game they’ll always go back to. I’m sure if you think about it, you’ve got a game you’ve put some ridiculous amount of time into. I know when I play a game for a lot of time like that, it kinda becomes a part of who I am in some way. I get invested in its development, I care about the people who make it, and I find myself melding, in some part, with its community.

One of the games I’ve played way too much is Refract Studios’ Distance, an arcade “racing” game that’s more platformer than road-bound racing romp. Set in a Tron-like world, you’ll find yourself driving on walls, avoiding lasers, and flyin’ around while you zip and twist through a plethora of official and community-created levels with more variety than you can shake a stick at.

Distance is unique in so many ways that I hesitate to say there’s anything even remotely like it. I mean, there’s Nitronic Rush- the studio’s first project, but that serves as more of a prototype and springboard than anything else. It laid the groundwork for not only the mechanics that would evolve into Distance, but for a community that would become something incredible.

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