Far: Lone Sails and instilling Hope and Hopelessness

May 28, 2018

Far: Lone Sails is the story of a girl crossing a desert wasteland after the death of her father. Why she’s going on this journey isn’t clear, and in all honesty the “why” is nowhere near as important as the fact that you’re doing it in the first place.

There’s no exposition in Far, everything is kinda just understood or hinted at through very subtle environmental storytelling. The fact that nothing gets outright exposited into your face is what makes it clear that the backstory isn’t the focus, it’s the adventure itself.

It’s similar to other games in this genre in that regard. In both Journey and Abzu, the only story elements you get are given through the actions you perform, puzzles you solve, and areas you explore throughout your adventure.

What sets Far apart from these is how it instills you with this sense of oppressive loneliness and an unease with your surroundings while still getting you to give any kind of a shit about what’s going on.

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