December 30, 2017

A lot of kickstarters release demos or early builds of their games to drum up excitement and help reach their goals. For the most part, demos are in one of two states; they’re either overly-polished vertical slices that end up being way better than the final product, or they’re under-developed and end up driving people away from the project instead of towards it. It’s not often that a kickstarter demo comes along that’s right in the middle, that development sweet-spot that shows the devs’ actual progress, glitches, jankiness, and all.

Hellpoint’s demo lands itself right, smack-dab on the dime of development goodness. It’s far from perfect- it has plenty of bugs, translation errors, some bad sound effects, and general jank all around, but the core of the game shines well. The main mechanics of the game are there and they work great in the relatively small level you’re given to play through.

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