Knuckle Sandwich is Wonderful, Wild, Weird, and Consistent

May 3, 2018

Alright, tell you what. I’m gonna come out the game swingin’ with this one:

Andrew Brophy’s Knuckle Sandwich is, so far, one of the most promising and unique Kickstarter games I’ve seen recently, and in addition to that it seems like it may very well be a game worthy of sitting in the throne of offbeat style that many, many games that have taken inspiration from Earthbound, Mother, and the like have tried to take for themselves over the years.

The available demo isn’t perfect, but it very clearly provides a sense of what we’re gonna get and, more than anything, serves as proof that Knuckle Sandwich has and will continue to be consistent and cohesive throughout.

Given my history of loving weird-ass games, it shouldn’t at all be surprising that I’m pretty excited about Knuckle Sandwich, and it shouldn’t be surprising that I’ve been following its development for a few years, either.

Every time I see an update about Knuckle Sandwich, I’m surprised by how consistent and on-point its presentation, development progress, and even marketing are. Every update is par for the course, and that’s exciting. Now that there’s a demo out, and the game’s on Kickstarter, its even more clear that the creator has a vision for this game and they are sticking to it- for better or for worse- and I have to praise them for that.

‍So uh, what the hell exactly is Knuckle Sandwich, anyways?

Knuckle Sandwich is a game from the mind of Andrew Brophy that’s best summed up as “Earthbound meets a gamedev with much weirder ideas”.

It’s hard to describe with words alone how weird this game really is, and even pictures fail to do it proper justice. There’s more to this game’s style than just its visuals and writing- the music, gameplay mechanics, and even its marketing and website all serve the greater goal of fully-establishing Knuckle Sandwich’s aesthetic.

Basically, the entire user experience of not just Knuckle Sandwich itself, but all the media relating to and surrounding it is what form’s this game’s stye and weirdness. That’s how together this is, and not a lot of projects- in gaming or other mediums- manage to pull off this level of coherence to a singular vision.

And that alone is worth praising this for.

The current demo isn’t without its flaws, but I’d consider them relatively minor in the face of everything else this title has going for it.

You can check out Knuckle Sandwich on Kickstarter here.

You can download the demo here.

And you can listen to the soundtrack here.

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