Read Only Memories Gets A Comic!

July 17, 2019

The year is 2064.

Genetic and body modifications are widespread, and the sociopolotical landscape is rocky. Torn between those who desire freedom to modify and those who fear the rapidly pace of change, society's gettin' whacky.

2064: Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk RPG/Thriller/Adventure that focuses on the social impacts of humanity's evolution beyond humanity with the advent of sentient AI, and its developers, Midboss, have teamed up with comic giants IDW Publishing to expand the ROM universe face-first into a monthly comic series starting in December 2019, so mark your calendars!

Directly from the press release:

Return to the colorful cyberpunk future of Read Only Memories in a brand new storyinvolving sentient AI, love and a web of conspiracy. Taking place in the years between 2064: Read Only Memories and Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, the next upcoming mystery adventure game in the Read Only Memories universe, IDW’s series features Lexi Rivers, formerly a detective and now a private investigator. When a robot arrives at her door seeking a lost lover, she is drawn into a journey to the seemingly peaceful beaches of Santa Cruz.
Each issue of the adventure will feature full-color illustrations by Stefano Simeone, who has also worked with Dark Horse, Boom! Studios and The Walt Disney Company on properties including Star Wars. The story will be woven by the prolific Sina Grace, a veteran who has written for comic series including Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men and Iceman.
“We’re blessed to work with extremely talented creators for our first foray into media outside of video games,” said Cade Peterson, CEO of MidBoss. “The Read Only Memories universe still has a lot of room to explore diversity and inclusion through the richness of the world and the relatable characters that inhabit it. Bringing other creatives on board to help explore everything the setting has to offer is the logical next step.”

I don't know about you, but that's got me pretty excited! Honestly, it's just incredibly exciting to see a game- especially and indie one- get the chance to expand into another form of media, and if the cover art for the first issue Midboss & IDW have shared is anything to go by, we're in for a lovingly-crafted journey through the world of ROM.

Image courtesy of Midboss and IDW

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