Sanctuary RPG

December 30, 2017

Comedy is one of those things that’s kinda difficult for a game to pull off well, and it’s a pretty sizable risk. There are a lot of games that take a whack at humor, but few of them land it. Of course, comedy is entirely subjective, so you and I probably have pretty different views on what games are hilarious and what games are just trying too hard.

But if comedy’s done right, and it complements the gameplay, it adds a whole world of personality and enjoyment to a game. Give it its own voice and makes it just a little bit more enjoyable.

Black Shell Media’s Sanctuary RPG is a game that, in my opinion, sticks the landing pretty well when it comes to comedy and gameplay. This ASCII RPG is in a class of its own, playing like a mix between Zork and Kingdom Of Loathing, it puts you into the boots of whatever character you choose and sets you on an adventure to save the world or die along the way.

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