Get ready to roll some dice!

Pen & Paper People is a monthly casual interview podcast with independent game designers in the tabletop games space. We talk about their games, approaches to design, how they got started in the field, and other facets of game design.

The main approach, or focus, of the podcast is to learn more about game design. It’s an avenue for everyone listening, and myself, to explore all its facets and learn new ways to think about the games we make and play.

We start off with a simple interview game and talk about game design in general, then move on to a vertical-slice style Actual Play segment of the designer's game! After that, we discuss the game, its design, and things we can learn from it!

You can find Pen & Paper People on your very favorite platforms, and support it on my Patreon!

Thanks for checking out P&PP, I hope you enjoy!


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